Tea benefits from being stored in airtight and light restrictive containers with minimal temperature fluctuation. Some teas are best kept in the freezer – like our ‘Floating Scent‘ and other lightly oxidised oolongs and green teas.  Certain teas like pu-erh and particular oolongs can be stored for many years and their flavour enriches with age. To store pu-erh keep it wrapped in paper or in a paper bag so that fresh air can continue the fermentation process. Keep it out of sunlight and away from moisture. Ideally it would be stored in a unglazed ceramic jar. I once asked a pu-erh expert ‘how do you know which pu-erh is the best to age ?’ His answer was so beautifully simple ‘excellent aged pu-erh always started as a good tasting youth.’

The ideal way to store each tea is listed in the teas’ description. If you have any questions regarding storage or ageing of your tea contact us.