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Tea tastings are fun, inspiring and insightful. They offer an introduction or a deeper understanding into a variety of teas and their unique characteristics.  The tasting features seasonal and select teas which will help develop your tea palate. During your tasting we will also discuss the tea culture and the importance of terroir and artisan production methods.

Private and group tastings are available by appointment – please contact us for further insight.


Gongfu – Chinese Tea Ceremony

Gongfu tea ceremony is a simple and accessible ritual you can practice everyday. Classes are tailored for all levels of students on the path of Teasim from introduction to advanced. Introductory classes unravel tea culture and describe tea varieties and their terroir. You will also learn to prepare Chaxi (tea stage) as well as to use a gaiwan and Yixing teapot.

For the more advanced student we will explore Gongfu’s historical, philosophical and mystical elements. We learn how the  utensils, techniques, and symbolic metaphors heighten the sensory and emotive experience.

Gongfu is an ancient practice in mindfulness and offering of oneself. A key point is to remember it is the intention and energy you offer into the tea that makes it taste beautiful. Be radical with your ceremony, make it your own, follow your intuition, it is an art form – infuse it with love.

Tea Mistress holds monthly classes in Gongfu ceremony both introductory and advanced. Private and group classes are also available. Please contact us to further discuss your particular wishes.


A tea ceremony hosted by Tea Mistress is a mystical and unique addition to a special event or private function.  Please contact us to discuss how we can infuse your celebration with an ancient practice in LOVE.

We hosted a ceremony for the Royal Academy exhibition ‘Sensing Spaces : Architecture Reimagined’. Curator Kate Goodwin responded :

‘As part of a very special ‘Friday Late’ programme within the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, Tea Mistress performed a magical and transportative tea ceremony. Delighted guests were treated to her unique teas and her special touch within one of the hidden corners of Chinese Architect Li Xiaodong’s installation. We had incredible feedback from visitors who were entranced by the whole experience, from the delicacy of the tea to her knowledge and wisdom.’