Bespoke Blends

A bespoke signature blend is a decadent addition to any menu or creative project. Tea Mistress has handcrafted blends for Emiliana Torrini’s album Tookah, the Royal Academy’s exhibition ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’, The Acid‘s album Liminal, and brand engineers Proud Robinson.  The blends are created through personal consultations culminating in a unique combination of both teas and tisanes.

Tea Menus

Curated tea menus enhance the experience for guests, dignitaries and luminaries alike. The tea menu is a unique representation of any establishment and is tailored through a series of personal consultations to ensure exact specifications and requirements.

Training & Amenity

To ensure patron satisfaction we provide tasting notes and staff training. Tea Mistress also consults on tea concepts such as site-specific amenity (yoga studio, holistic centre, spa, fine dinning, banquet, afternoon tea, cocktail bar, in room service).

Teaware and Accessories

We have sourced traditional handmade gonfu and chado ceremony ware as well as modern ware from China, Taiwan and Japan.  We have also commissioned international artists to custom design contemporary functional teaware. Our aesthetic is a fusion of Eastern style and Western ritual. Bespoke local artisan designs are able situate your brand as an ambassador of the arts.

Our goal is to take guests on a journey, broadening their worldview by taking a holistic approach to tea culture including taste, health, aesthetic and ritual.