• Lion Mountain Longjing Dragon Well

Tasting Flight


There are 6 exquisite teas to explore РOrganic White Peony, 93 Shou Pu-erh mini cake,  Shan Li Xi High Mountain Oolong, Ding Dong Oolong, and the Empress Lion Mountain Longjing.


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Weight 100 g

1 review for Tasting Flight

  1. Henry Proctor
    5 out of 5


    Tea mistress is a rare cuppa. The journey of the mistress herself translates. High quality tea is a product of high quality friendships developed with growers and tea experts globally over many years. I ordered a beautifully packaged tea flight that tasted great and when opened spread respite and love. So raise your cuppa to the tea mistress, chin chin : )

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