• Scent of a Concubine High Mountain Oolong Tea Mistress

Scent of a Concubine 贵妃貢香鐵觀音


Variety: Iron Buddha 鐵觀音, 14% Oxidisation, natural

Origin: Xiping, Anxi County, Fujian, China中國, 西平,安溪

Farmer: Lin Dai Jin 林大金

Harvest: 2014

Taste: intoxicating bouquet, deep elegant notes of orchid, citrus and oak

Essence: sensual, enchanted, enamoured

Pairings: hazel nuts, white fish, comté

Brewing: 3g (1 tbs) per 200 ml purified water 90-95˚, 40 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase steeping time with each infusion to taste.

Storage: airtight in freezer

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Scent of a Concubine’s intoxicating aroma and alluring depth of flavour echoes the illusive legend of a Qing Dynasty concubine of the Emperor Qianlong. The breathtaking beauty of Xiang Fei was secondary to her natural scent and once rumour reached the Emperor he demanded she be brought to the Imperial city. Torn from her village and husband, on the arduous journey she was bathed in camel milk and had daily rundowns of butter to preserve her enchanting scent. When Xiang Fei reached the Imperial City, she was greeted by a lustful Qianlong. Showering her with extravagant gifts, the Emperor hoped he could entice the exotic creature. But the young concubine would not stir. Only when the emperor installed a jujube tree bearing golden fruit from her hometown in the palace gardens did the concubine break her defiant silence. Legend holds that she fell in love with Emperor because he honoured her ancestry and history.

Tea Type

oolong tea


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