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  • Golden Black Tea

Organic Black Golden Tip 有機 金毫紅茶

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Variety: Black

Origin:  Tiantai County, Zhenjiang, China 中國, 浙江省,天台县

Farmer:  Lao Hu 老胡

Altitude: 900m

Harvest: 2014

Taste: rich cacao, malty, bright and full bodied with citrus notes

Essence: clarity, encouraged, revitalised

Pairings: ginger biscuits, dark chocolate, roasted spiced lamb

Brewing: 3g (2 tbs) per 200 ml of purified water 90-95˚, 20 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase infusion time for subsequent infusions to taste.  This tea is fantastic on its own but added milk and honey are also delicious.

Storage: dry, dark & air tight

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Organic Black Golden Tips was brought in to satiate the everyday black tea drinker. It is invigorating, bright, and has a comforting malty base. It is delicious on its own or with milk and sweetener.

This particular tea is from the Tiantai Mountain area on the East Coast of China and artisan made by an old family friend of my Tea Master Olivia’s father.

According to one legend, Tiantai Mountain used to be carried by a giant turtle, swimming in the ocean. One day the sky began to shake and the Goddess Nuwa had to cut off the turtle’s legs in order to use them to support the falling sky. She moved the mountain to the dry land so that it would not sink in the ocean and could remain home to all the animals and plants that thrived on it.

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