• Liquid Jade Green Tea

Liquid Jade Green

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Variety: Green

Origin: Huanshan, Anhui, China 中國安徽環山

Farmer: Ah Gun  阿根

Harvest: 2014

Taste: full bodied, vegetal, nutty, distinct floral aroma

Essence: cleansed, activated, calm

Pairings: salmon, asparagus, ricotta

Brewing: 70-80˚, 3g (1tbs) per 200 ml, 15 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase subsequent infusion times to taste.

Storage: airtight in freezer

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Liquid Jade is an exceptional example of quality green tea; the taste is rounded and clean, there are full robust notes, and a refreshing aftertaste. It is the custom and premium signature tea of Olivia Chan – a tea master and friend. The tea is traditionally produced on the Gun family’s farm high in the Huanshan mountians.  It is a versatile tea that works well for culinary, such as a marinade for salmon or as a secret addition to salad dressing.  It is also fantastic in cocktails!

Jade Stream

500ml Coconut Water

tsp Liquid Jade green tea

Juice of one cucumber

1oz Bombay Sapphire or similar quality gin

Clear quartz crystal

The night, or at least 4 hours before:

Cold infuse 2tsps of Liquid Jade in 500ml of coconut water.

Charge a piece of clear quartz with strength of clear vision and love. Place in the freezer.

When ready to drink:

Joyfully mix equal parts tea infused coconut water with cucumber water and add gin to taste. Pour into a glass over the frozen quartz and enjoy.

Thank you to Michael at Herball for the luxurious recommendation of utilizing crystals with cocktails. www.theherball.com


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