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  • Organic Jasmine tea dragon pearls hand scented with fresh jasmine blossoms

Jasmine Dragon Pearls 茉莉龍之珍珠

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Variety: base of  natural white Fuding Da Bai Cha

Superior grade 21 fresh jasmine blossom scentings

Origin:  Xiamen, fujian, China 中國,廈門,福建

Farmer:  Wu Guan Ping 吴觀平

Harvest: 2013

Taste: fresh intoxicating aroma, delicate almond base, smooth

Essence: enchanted, creative, radiant

Pairings: a quiet moment and a dear friend

Brewing: 3g (1 tbs) per 200 ml purified water 75-80˚, first infusion 30 sec, allowing pearls to unfurl, increase time with subsequent infusions to taste, 6-8 infusions

Storage: dry, dark & air tight

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The alluring and intoxicating scent of jasmine enveloping decadent natural white tea buds. The art of creating this particular Jasmine tea required 21 nightly rituals of  laying fresh jasmine buds upon a delicate first flush of Fuding Da Bai Cha white tea buds. The pearls were then hand-rolled to seal in the magic. It is gracious, smooth, and seduces you into at least 6 infusions. This Jasmine was specifically sourced to satiate a discerning Jasmine tea drinker ….



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