• Dance with the Immortals , Hight Mountain Oolong, Taiwan

Dance with the Immortals

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Variety: High Mountain Oolong,  Lightly roasted – 15% oxidisation

Origin:  Shan Lin Xi, Nantou, Taiwan

Elevation: 1520m

Farmer: Su Family

Harvest: May 2014

Taste:  invigorating floral bouquet, buttery, delicate mountain herbs, citrus, and pine.

Essence: cleansed, alert, focused

Pairings: salmon, roast chicken, fennel, an afternoon break

Brewing: 3g (1 tbs) per 200 ml purified water 90-95˚, 30 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase steeping time with each infusion to taste.

Storage: airtight in freezer

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Dance with the Immortals is an ace example of a light to mid roast Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong.  The feel and complexity of flavours are full mouthed, fresh, and smooth. The aroma is floral and elevating. This tea comes from a small farm run by the Su Family. A husband and wife team who in 2004 followed their dream to transform their virgin high mountain bamboo forest into a tea garden.  This tea has been produced using only natural fertilizers, zero weed killers, and only a minimal amount of soluble pesticides, which they do not administer for at least 3 weeks prior to harvest.

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