We are honoured and excited to walk the path of Teaism with you – a journey steeped in ancient wisdom, artistic expression, adventure tales and an accessible practice in mindfulness and LOVE. 

Tea Mistress is the culmination of cultural exchanges, creative vision, and holistic choices in the eclectic life path of Jennifer Maksymetz.

We are a small, independent company based in Brighton, UK. Our line of exquisite whole leaf teas is seasonal, ethical and handcrafted. The limited menu has been curated to introduce the quality of teas that Tea Mistress will procure as well as whet your appetite for more. Throughout the year we will introduce new teas, tisanes and blends from our tea soaked adventures throughout Asia and beyond.

Jennifer has been studying tea and practicing Gongfu (Chinese) tea ceremony since 2000.  While living in Taiwan, she was  introduced to tea culture through her tea aficionado Taiwanese ‘family’. Since then, she has had the opportunity to study with tea masters and mentors from Canada, Hong Kong, England, Japan, South Korea, Nepal and China. She has auspiciously travelled through many of the world’s celebrated tea regions, meeting farmers and gathering tea wisdom.

In the past few years, Jennifer has been practicing Chado (Japanese) tea ceremony, and researching how tea ritual has lasted the vicissitudes of cultural revolution throughout Asia. She is originally from Vancouver, Canada where she spent a decade curating radical arts festivals. She holds a MA in Arts and Politics from Goldsmiths University of London and believes that ceremony and art in its myriad forms are empathic and powerful tools for cultural healing.

During a tea ceremony, your heart rises to your lips, a serene moment out of time – a clear, sustained, and healthy high. It is an intimate ritual that helps you tune into yourself and connect deeply with those around you simultaneously. A silent tea family develops with easy waves of communication. It is magical and bonding, we want to share this as much as possible.

Welcome to the tea family X