Tea Master, Olivia

Olivia Chan

Olivia is a dear friend and mentor, we met in 2001 and have been drinking tea and sharing in its mysteries ever since. Olivia has been surrounded by tea culture since a very young age. Her father opened one of the first Chinese tea shops in Vancouver’s historic China Town 1981. She superseded her father in 2002 and has contemporised the successful Treasure Green Tea Company.

Olivia travels to China every spring to source distinct and fine quality teas and teaware from across the country utilising her well-established and reputable network.

As a second generation tea master she has an exceptional knowledge of tea terroir and culture.


Tea Master, Tim

Tim D’Offay

Over 20 years ago while living and studying in Kyoto, Japan Tim became fascinated with tea culture and it’s traditions. He has travelled extensively to many tea-producing regions creating honourable partnerships with farmers and tea masters. Tim focuses on ‘small’ farms less than 15 acres and initiated the concept of true provenance for tea. Tim’s shop Postcard Teas in London has the most incredible collection of rare and master teas I have ever encountered. It is a blessing and joy to have Tim as a mentor and friend.


Tea Master, Jack

Jack Convery Soko

‘A bowl of tea has the magical power to connect people without words, it has the power to penetrate into our body and soul.’

For over 25 years Jack has been living in Kyoto, Japan practicing the ancient art of Chado - the way of tea, the way of Peace. He graduated from the prestigious Urasenke school and opened Shotoku-an a tea ceremony school named after the honourable Prince Shotoku (574-622), a great supporter of Buddhism and the philosophy of ‘wa’ - the harmony of life. Jack’s teaching method is very open; his wife Heromi calls the atmosphere ‘borderless’. He hones in on the ‘otemae’ or the art of tea ceremony – generating peacefulness, contemplation, discovery.