Tea Mistress is an ethos, a way of life, and a contemporary interpretation of Teaism.

Tea Mistress offers clarity and serenity to empower and encourage a more creative and empathic world.  We do this by providing a lifestyle that orbits around our Teas and Tisanes – ritual, art, vitality, mystique, and knowledge.

As a community we are culturally aware, health conscious, and mindful – we honour ancient traditions and choose quality products with an ethical lineage.

We are proud of our partnerships and believe in working together to create a harmonious world. We create mutually rewarding bridges with farmers and families to source teas of exceptional handcrafted quality.  As Tea Mistress flourishes, we will continue to support our partnerships in order to cultivate sustainable and accountable practices both in time honoured and less developed regions.

Tea ceremony is a dharma art; it is also a muse and accompaniment for the creative process. We acknowledge and celebrate the intrinsic power of art to inspire and transform our world. Tea Mistress has commissioned visual artists to create the labels representing our tea range. We have curated ceramic artists to create custom teaware, reflecting Gong Fu and Chado tea ceremonies in a modern light. This collaboration enriches the overall sensory experience of the tea ceremony while simultaneously supporting exceptional artists.

Ceremonious traditions and teachings are at the heart of Tea Mistress; throughout antiquity tea culture has been a source of sacredness, artistic muse, philosophy and political discourse. The tea ritual has been honoured and enjoyed by emperors, peasants, monks, artists, activists and literati alike.  Its history is steeped in legends and shrouded by ancient wisdoms. Teaism belongs to the international community, to people who share the idea that within a humble bowl of tea exists the generosity, simplicity and kindness required to live a gentle and peaceful life.

Born from this philosophy, Tea Mistress strives to become a source of tranquility and clarity to accompany each day.


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