Tea Mistress aims to be part of the solution. We ethically source our teas from farms or cooperatives where the people and land are respected. Through paying a fair price for our teas we support living wages and help to uphold handcraft tea traditions.

Ideally our teas are organic and grown on small farms where the family lives on the land and personally tends to everything they grow including vegetables, grains, fruit, animals, and tea – harnessing biodiversity.  We strive to have all our teas natural which means no chemicals or pesticides have been used at any stage. Unfortunately not all our teas are certified organic this is because the certification process is expensive and complex for small producers.

Currently our tea packaging is unfortunately not recyclable but we are in pursuit of a fully biodegradable packaging that will retain the quality of our teas. Where possible all further packaging and printing is made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.

We donate 5% of our profits to organisations we meet along the tea trail. We are currently supporting The Women’s Foundation in Nepal. A non-government and non- profit organisation run by  Nepali women for the empowerment and dignity of woman who are victims of violence. Please take a moment to support the incredible work they are doing.  http://www.womenepal.org/

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